Il Paintball is a thrilling game where the players subdivided into teams have to eliminate the opponents by shooting them with the little gelatin balls full of paint from special air markers.



This is the first one of our INDOOR fields, it is not open-air. It is a field in SCENARY style suitable for at least 6 and up to for 20 players. It has "Street-Urban" design equipped with light and stage effects (fog, laser, environment sounds, etc.).
The games are exciting and impulsive, and the players' coordination is of great importance.


It’s a field of huge dimensions in SCENARY style, for at least 4 and up to 24 players.
This type of the field reproduces the medieval environment with its towers, fortresses and a castle decorated with banners, flags and sails with the family emblems, shields and the fossils of the players who didn’t keep to the rules.
In case of bad weather conditions of the date pf the game it will be possible to transfer the game to the indoor fields (if they are available, of course), with the respective modification of the entrance fee.
If it is not possible the game will be postponed for another date fixed by the participants according to the availability.
It is possible to play both during the day and at night as the field as it is well illuminated during the evening hours.
It is noted that the night games are only available during the summer season because the mask gets easily steamed up by the cold and humidity.


In order to be able to play the game it is necessary to be at least 16 years old.
Non-adult participants (in age age of 16-18) should fill in the form in the Booking section and then print out the “Declaration of Responsibility Letter”, attaching the ID document both of the non-adult person and of his parent (ID or Driving License).
For the adult participants it is enough to fill in the declaration of identity directly at the reception desk of San Marino Paintball.
For the adult participants it is enough to fill in the declaration of identity directly at the reception desk of San Marino Paintball.


The players take all the responsibility for any harm o damage cause a to persons, things or animals in case of eventual accident which takes place during the gaming activity and not because of the malfunctioning of the rented equipment.

The company San Marino Paintball Ltd is only responsible for the damage caused by the malfunctioning of the rented equipment and the one present in our fields.

All the fields are covered with insurance (RC).

(DA 16 A 18 ANNI)

Non-adult persons who would like to play Paintball have the following possibilities:

  • Option 1 – In order to get the valid permission just for one game it is necessary for one of the parents (or legal representative), sign it attaching the copy of the ID of both the parent and the non-adult participant.
  • Option 2 – In order to get the annual permission, one of the parents (or legal representative) must go to the local Police department – Arms License office (central department at Kursal in Via F. J. Kennedy – city of San Marino).

The annual permission will be valid from the moment of signing it and till December 31 of the current year. It is also possible to sign the permission for the following year as well just in case it is issued at the end of the year.
IIn this way, a non-adult will have no need to have the permission signed every time by one of the parents.

Certainly, the parent (or legal representative) is the only person to take the responsibility for the non-adult one. Friends or adult relatives are excluded in any case, with the exception when they are delegated with the power of attorney authorized by the notary.


Considering that the organizers will provide you with all the necessary information during a briefing, including the guidelines for the use of the rented equipment besides the rules of the game according to the accepted strategy.

  • it is absolutely prohibited to take off the protection mask on the gaming fields, in the security zone and on the way from the point of meeting to the gaming zone.
  • The special safety protection device on the marker barrel can be only removed when the player is active.
  • The protection device must be always placed on the barrel of the marker when the player is outside the field, in the security zone or in the phase “eliminated”.
  • It is prohibited to shoot at the angle of over 45 degrees from the ground level or higher the level of shoulders.
  • It is absolutely prohibited to pick up unexploded paintballs from the ground to use them again during the recreational activity.
  • It is absolutely prohibited to cross the borders of the gaming field limited with the net during the recreational activity. The specific exits must be exclusively used which lead directly to the security zone.
  • During all the game phases it is important to behave in the proper manner – with respect to the nature, animals, the calm of the public and all the components of the game structure
  • During the whole stay in the gaming field it is absolutely prohibited to consume alcohol drinks, as well as any type of psychotropic drugs.
  • It is absolutely prohibited to address to other players with offensive words, phrases or gestures which may insult them for any reason, both in the field and outside of it.
  • Every player is provided with all the necessary equipment for the game by San Marino Paintball Ltd. It is forbidden to use any other markers but those rented by the company.
  • If the rules indicated above are not kept, the organizers are authorized to turn out the persons without justification and refunding the entrance fee of the player, besides applying a fine to pay of variable amount but not more than 50 euro.
  • Eventual damages of the structure or other rented materials will be refunded at the amount equal to the costs of reconstruction of the functional conditions of the object.


The player will be provided with the following equipment:

  • N. 1 protective bib
  • N. 1 protective collar
  • N. 1 a set of 100 paintballs
  • N. 1 protective mask for face
  • N. 1 "Marker" (a firer of compressed air paintballs)

Gloves ARE NOT provided with the equipment: they are not required but may protect additionally the hands. If one wears glasses for eye-sight we suggest contact lenses for this occasion: they are much more comfortable with the mask which will cover the entire face.

San Marino Paintball Ltd WILL NOT provide you with the clothes. The clothes and footwear change is suggested to be brought with you. The paint spots from the shots can be washed even in cold water.
It is possible to rent a camouflage coverall at the price of 5,00 EUR (if available) and to purchase the gadgets such as T-shirts, bandanas and sweatbands.
Every game lasts at least 1 hour and a half in the outdoor field and 1 hour in the indoor field, after the initial briefing where all the information about the use of equipment will be given as well as the basic rules of the game.

It is suggested to bring the following clothes: comfortable shoes (trackshoes or sneakers), comfortable pants or coverall, gloves and a cap for those who suffer from the cold and have sensible skin. We suggest the garment which covers all parts of the body if possible. The directors board and the organizers take no responsibility for the damage and/or accidents which may occur because of the inappropriate clothes.

Besides the advantages in case a group would like to take the opportunity and use the promotional entrance to both parks, this collaboration gives us the possibility to have up to 50 players together!!! It because possible due to the group exchange between the two parks. While one group is participating in Paintball, the other group is involved into another entertaining activity of San Marino Adventure.