The bookings in GREEN concern the field MASTERMIND, the ones in RED for the field TERMINATOR. Please use the option 'Week' to control the working hours of the day of your interest better.

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It is possible to participate in the game just in case of booking online by filling in the following form in all its blanks (for further information please call 335/7340851). You will receive the confirmation by email or by phone.

The bookings must be made 48 hours before the desired date of the game in the field MASTERMIND (Outdoor) and at least 24 hours before if in the field TERMINATOR (Indoor).

Before making a booking, please check the availability of the time-table preferred through our section CALENDAR.

It is necessary to come to the field at least 1 minutes before the beginning of the game according to your booking in order to settle down all the formalities.Late arrivals cannot prolong the games so they will finish on time anyhow as specified in the booking.


Fill in the form only if the game is already scheduled in the calendar and confirmed.

The following part will be filled in with the information about the parent or whoever delegated.


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