Pure Entertainment!

San Marino Paintball is glad to offer you the gaming experience which involves you completely, a breath-taking adventure which requires good portions of strategic thinking and wit combined with agility, targeting and composure. It is a game where the union of the mind and the body is essential, and the survival spirit makes professional military men of you.. such jokers!
Paintball is not a war game, Paintball is a bloodthirsty challenge but NOT violent. Paintball might be played as Fair-Play with the proper respect to your own partners and opponents in the game, with the head on your shoulders and a portion of healthy self-irony. These are the main requirements to enjoy our game to the full.

- outdoor -

A vast field in the medieval style integrated with towers and fortresses, immersed into the green, with the rich greenery, trees, bushes, hollows and hiding places in order to create the most complicated conditions for you and your opponents.

It is possible to play it in mire numerous groups than Terminator.

The field is mainly open in summer (in winter the visors of protection masks get easily steamed and it is prohibited to take them off in the field during the game for safety reasons).
It is possible to play till late at night as there is the external illumination of the place.

- indoor -

This gaming space is decorated in Street-Urban style with the illumination and stage effects where the fog, laser and location sounds ensure the high-charge energetic level to provide you with involving and exciting games and the players' coordination is of great importance.

The Terminator is open every day till late at night and under any weather conditions!